....The ideal choice for truly magical, memorable holidays....


When we first arrived in Vatera 20 years ago, there were hardly any hotels or apartments to stay in. Why did we arrive in Vatera? Because a friend of a friend told us, that it was the perfect, unspoiled place to have a holiday home at , with a pristine, crystal clear beach, right on the Aegean. You see for many years we were looking for a holiday home of our own, to bring our young children to every summer… Well we weren’t disappointed; in fact we all fell in love with the place at first sight!

As it happened well before we were able to have our own holiday home, we set about getting ready “holiday homes” for others: The Madonna Studios, which ever improving over the years have been firm favorites with our clients and their families ever since.

In due course we were rewarded with our own home on the same site: Villa Madonna, where we live in permanently now, so coming to Vatera in the first place, was the best move we ever made.

So why don’t you come too?
You wouldn’t have to build your own holiday home.
We are here and waiting!

We are the ideal destination for anyone wanting
to experience authentic Greek island life.